Monday, November 2, 2015

Vegan Month: Where to Find the Best Vegan Eats

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With all of the news coming out from the WHO about meat, a lot of folks might be opting for vegetarianism soon. Many people choose to have different diets than what is considered to be average on their own. Some choose to go vegetarian and cut meat out of their diets, some choose to be pescatarian and only eat fish and others choose to be vegan and cut all animal products out of their diets. Being vegan can help fend off many diseases that you would otherwise be much more susceptible to. There are tons of benefits to eating vegan however, there are some downfalls. For example, a lot of restaurants don’t specifically cater to those with restrictions on their diets like veganism. We wanted to hunt down some local joints that served up the best vegan food in honor of Vegan Month in November.

Only 20 minutes away from the Residences at La Cantera, La Botanica serves up food rich in the traditions of TexMex, the Gulf Coast and New Mexico and Mexico. The fruits and veggies on your plates at La Botanica are so fresh that you can actually walk out back and pick them off the vine yourself! The gardens serve as a laboratory to learn about growing sustainably and cooking sustainably. In addition to the gardens, La Botanica also shows films and hosts live music on the patios for your entertainment. They also host benefits to raise funds for social justice movements. The menu is typically pretty small with some seasonal additions popping up here and there. However, you won’t need anymore than what’s here. The delicious, fresh dishes will sweep you off your feet then you’ll be cradled in the arms of a scrumptious cocktail. We recommend Ms. Bella’s Fried Red Beans and Rice Balls and a Mezcalarita to start out with. You won’t be disappointed by anything you find here at La Botanica unless you’re a carnivore.

Located just 20 minutes away from the Residences at La Cantera, Senor Veggie has the vegan cuisine to satiate your hunger. In the heart of Lavaca, just outside of downtown San Antonio, you can taste some delicious, fresh, vegan Mexican inspired food. To kick it off start with some crunchy lettuce wraps filled with tofu, carrots and other veggies. For the main course, have yourself a Buffalo Tofu Po Boy, but be careful: it’s a hot one! Or if that’s not your taste, try a bowl. There are tons of different combos so you’ll have something different to try every time you come to Senor Veggie. Everything on the menu at Senor Veggie is made to treat your taste buds.

It can be difficult finding restaurants that fit your dietary needs. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or allergic, some restaurants just aren’t inclusive to all diets. Luckily there are a few in San Antonio that have what you’re looking for.


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