Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mini Vacations to De-Stress

Fall has settled in for the long haul and that means summer is far behind us. Summer is the time for vacations and fun in the sun. Fall is for… mini vacations? If you missed out on your opportunity to go on a vacation this summer, there’s still time for you to take a day or weekend trip somewhere nearby for a little getaway. Take the weekend and just relax. You deserve it!

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Mustang Island State Park

This barrier island state park has wildlife, campsites and over 5 miles of coastline. Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. If the weather is kind you can go for a swim in the surf. For a challenge, you can wet a line and try angling some ocean dwelling fish. If you want to stay the weekend, there are 48 water and electric campsites and 300 drive-up primitive campsites. Before you leave, make sure your campsite is as clean as it was when you found it. Take a ride down the western shoreline of the island located in Corpus Christi Bay. You’ll get up close and personal with some coastal birds on the 20 miles of trail. The trail also has some of the best shallow-water fishing in all of Texas. Make sure to call the park before planning a trip as there could be an increase in the algae blooms that cause red tide. Mustang Island State Park is a 2 and a half hour drive away from the Residences at La Cantera.

Garner State Park

Located on the beautiful Frio River, if you need to get away from everything and just relax by the river, Garner State Park is one of the most perfect places to do that at. Don’t be fooled by the name, (‘frio’ meaning cold in Spanish) you can still swim and tube in the Frio River well into November. To get your blood pumping, take a hike on the 11 miles of scenic trails. There are also places to play mini golf, geocache and ride bikes. If you’re looking to stay overnight, you can shack up in screened shelters, cabins or campsites. There’s plenty of equipment to rent including paddle boats, barbecues, heaters and fans. Garner State Park is an hour and forty minute drive away from San Antonio; just far enough to make it feel like a trip but close enough that you don’t have to travel for long.

A little mini vacation to one of these gorgeous state parks is all you need to relax and unwind. Play some sports, tube down one of the rivers, or throw a line out and see what you catch. You won’t regret taking a weekend away or even just one day to one of these parks. Check out some more daytrips from My San Antonio.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dia de los Muertos in SA

El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is a Latin American holiday typically celebrated on November 1st. Convinced that the dead would be offended by sadness and mourning, the holiday is marked by celebration instead. Dia de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human cycle just like birth. By celebrating with food and games and parties, the celebration honors the dead and celebrates their lives.

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San Antonio definitely knows how to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. The celebration combines the traditional art and culture with some of the best live music, San Antonio has to offer. All events on Saturday and Sunday are free admission and open to the public.

Did you enter a submission to the Altar Building Contest? If you didn’t you can view all of the submissions and cast your vote for the best. If you’d like to create your own altar at home in remembrance of a loved one, follow these tips and guides. Check out the photos of last year’s altars for some inspiration.

The live music is not to be missed this weekend. You can experience Girl In A Coma, Los Master Plus, and Las Tesoros live and in concert. Zombie Bazaar Belly Dance will be performing their belly dancing routine.

While enjoying the live music you can explore the booths set up of local businesses and artisans. Give your nose a treat with Scentsy, the homemade perfume and cologne shop. Kiki Designs will deck you out in beautiful handmade jewelry. If you enjoy journaling, Tortuga Journal has what you need for your writing needs. 

There will be so much fun happening at the Dia de los Muertos that you won’t want it to end. This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, you can celebrate loved ones you’ve lost by remembering their life. Saturday from 10AM until 11PM and Sunday from noon until 10PM. Buenas Dia de los Muertos!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

San Antonio Spooky Haunts This Month

October means Halloween is coming up soon and that’s the signal for all the ghosts and ghouls to come out to play. If you’re brave enough to enter these haunted locations, you have to be lucky enough to make it back out in one piece! Brace yourselves, these attractions are not for the faint of heart.

Psycho Asylum & Slaughter House

What used to be River City Asylum is now Psycho Asylum, once home to the clinically insane, it now houses one of the scariest haunted attractions in San Antonio. The rumors say that 3 patients once tried to escape and died roaming the halls of the asylum. Now their spirits are still there, waiting. Wander through the Psycho Asylum, if you don’t believe the stories. Also attached to the Psycho Asylum is the Slaughter House. Wander the abandoned ice-packing plant and navigate the fog filled rooms and strobe lit halls. Are your eyes deceiving you? You’ll have to decide for yourself. The Psycho Asylum and Slaughter House are only 20 minutes away from the Residences at La Cantera on E Houston Street.
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The 13th Floor

Just like the last haunted house, the 13th Floor haunted house is two haunted attractions in one location. New for 2015, the Burial Ground, once a basement and sleeping quarters for the kitchen staff, is now home to the failed ‘experiments’ from the secret society upstairs. If you’re lucky enough to make it all the way through the Burial Ground, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Void. In Into the Void, light gives way to darkness and you’ll feel monsters and spirits around you at every turn. Then, take a ride down the Grinder, a three story slide! All of these attractions in one location? You can’t beat that! 13th Floor is only 20 minutes away on East Commerce Street.

The Terror Mansion

Take a walk through a real paranormal location. The Terror Mansion, built in the 1940’s, has some unseen residents lurking about. Doors have been known to unlock and open on their own, lights turn on and off by themselves and footsteps have been heard on the rooftops. If you’re brave enough to enter the mansion, you might see these things for yourself and more. From March to August, you can tour the mansion but during September and October work your way through 23 terror filled rooms and see if you make it out. Terror Mansion is located only 17 minutes away on West Laurel, if you’re brave enough to seek it out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The San Antonio Riverwalk: What to Know

It might seem a little touristy but the San Antonio is one of our city’s biggest draws for outsiders. The long winding walkway that stretches 2.5 miles down the San Antonio River, has been slowly growing and expanding to become the beautiful attraction it is today. One architect envisioned a future for the riverwalk similar to that of Venice, with apartments, dining and shopping areas all within reach of the river. Eventually his vision was realized!

If you’re interested in taking it all in, you can jump on a double decker bus tour and learn from the experts all about our lovely riverwalk and what secrets are hidden there. Hop on and off the buses to explore the shops and restaurants then hop right back on to move on to the next destination. Buy your passes for the double decker bus tours here.

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The Alamo Plaza, which is located right on the Riverwalk is full of shops and restaurants for you to explore while strolling down the river. Brass Bear Deli prepares salads and sandwiches with only the freshest ingredients. Even if you don’t see what you want on the menu, chances are they’ll make it for you! After your sandwich, make sure to run over to Loard’s Ice Cream for dessert in a 50’s style creamery. The Alamo Plaza restaurants are perfect for a night out.

If you’re looking for a little challenge, check out the 4D Mirror Maze and the Vault Laser Challenge. See if you can navigate your way out of the winding maze of mirrors! This one is fun for the whole family so it makes for a great evening out with the kids. Then twist and contort your body to make your way through the Laser Vault. Don’t touch the lasers but do it quickly! For more information on both of these attractions head here.

It might be the most popular tourist attraction in San Antonio but it’s popular for a reason. The San Antonio Riverwalk has so much fun and shopping and food for everyone. Stroll down the river and enjoy the scenery, shop the stores until you drop or take a fun cruise down the river in one of the ferries. Whatever you do at the Riverwalk, we’re positive you’ll enjoy it. The Riverwalk is only a 30 minute drive away from us at the Residences at La Cantera so it makes a wonderful little day trip, and you won’t even need to spring for a hotel afterwards!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Festivals in San Antonio

Fall has just arrived and soon the leaves will start to turn and the weather will cool off a bit and it will be time for sweaters and jackets. So what is there to do in San Antonio in the fall? SO MUCH. There are so many festivals and events happening in San Antonio over the fall months that you won’t be able to fit them all in. We’ve lined up just a few of them to give you a glimpse at what your fall season is going to look like.

Fright Fest at Six Flags

You might think you know what to expect but this year will be even bigger. Every day until 5 is Thrills By Day which is family-friendly and includes live shows and the Looney Tunes Twick or Tweat Twail. But once the clock strikes 5, all bets are off and the ghouls come out to haunt. With 13 terrifying haunted attractions, 4 live musical shows, 5 haunted houses and 4 scare zones. You won’t be able to escape from the terror! For 2015, there will be 4 new exciting haunted attractions to scare the pants off of you. You can’t miss Six Flags Fiesta; you can practically see it from your window at the Residences at La Cantera. Fright Fest starts on October 3rd so you still have some time to prepare yourself before the terrifying experience.

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Celebrating Oktoberfest outside of Germany is easy since there are celebrations happening everywhere! The Beethoven Maennerchor’s goal is to preserve German song, music and language. In addition, they also put on the yearly Oktoberfest! With authentic German food, beer and entertainment, it’s easy to get involved and forget you’re in San Antonio! Entry to the festival is a $5 donation or $3 if you get it through presale. You’ll love the real German food and you’ll definitely enjoy listening to the real German bands that will be serenading you both weekends. The Beethoven Maennerchor’s Oktoberfest will take place October 2-3 and 9-10. The Beethoven Maennerchor Halle is located only 20 minutes away from our home at the Residences at La Cantera.


The Luminaria Festival takes place in multiple locations around San Antonio during the month of October. Started in 2008, the festival showcases local artists, poets, dancers, filmmakers and musicians. On October 23rd and 24th from 7 PM until midnight both days you can experience the talent of San Antonio, up close and personal. Luminaria is taking the art into the streets by showcasing their work all around San Antonio. There are also some featured luncheons and workshops during the two days that require ticketing. You can check the schedule and reserve your tickets here. The location of Luminaria is about 20 minutes away from La Cantera.
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