Thursday, November 12, 2015

Keeping Busy Until Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is over and the kids are all coming down from their sugar high, it’s on to the next adventure! Luckily for us, San Antonio has tons of great family friendly activities to keep you going all the way until Thanksgiving. The next time you and the family are getting restless sitting at home, pop over to our blog for an exciting new idea for an outing.

Image courtesy of Zereshk via Wikimedia
The San Antonio Botanical Garden is having a couple of different events for the remainder of 2015. Big Garden, Little Me is an exhibit that can make even the tallest person feel miniature. Throughout the garden, you’ll find gigantic versions of your everyday backyard objects. Take a seat in a supersized adirondack and enjoy the view of the blooming flora. Have you ever wondered what an ant sees when they look up at you from your picnic blanket? Now you can find out! There will be tons of games and activities to participate in as well as interesting photo opportunities for the whole family. The San Antonio Botanical Garden is only 25 minutes away from our home at the Residences at La Cantera so the kids won’t have long to ask, “Are we there yet?”

A new art exhibit by artist Kim Beck will be living at the Botanical Garden until January of 2016. “One Way Trail” will feature a series of routes and views through the garden. You’ll be guided by audio through your smartphone. Visitors to the garden will find themselves led through the garden by poets, ranchers, a child, a dog and other unexpected tour guides. You still have plenty of time to see the exhibit at the Botanical Garden but don’t dilly-dally!

At the end of the month, the San Antonio Zoo, after five full years without a giraffe, will unveil their brand new giraffe exhibit. Along with the reappearance of the giraffes, the zoo will also unveil their brand new giraffe feeding station. Zoo visitors can walk right up to the graceful animals and feed them right out of the palms of their hands. You can get eye to eye with the skyscrapers of the animal kingdom. The exhibit opens to the public on November 20th. The zoo is a quick 20 minute drive away from us at the Residences so you’re never far from the giraffes!

The long month in between Halloween and Thanksgiving can certainly drag for younger kids. Keeping them occupied and amused isn’t hard when there are so many exciting things happening in our area this month. How do you pass the time in between Halloween and Thanksgiving?


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