Friday, April 18, 2014

Create A Stir

(Image courtesy of James Palinsad)

If you’re like us, you know it’s the little details that bring any great social gathering together. Of course it’s important to have a great menu but it’s the little details that let your guests know that you really took the time to prepare for them. Though they may not say it, all guests love to feel appreciated!

For that reason, it may be a fun project to craft your own stirrers for your next cocktail party. Adding a little unique flair will help a little fun - not to mention your guests may be able to tell their drinks apart! These ideas courtesy of are sure to give you the inspiration you need to get started. Keep reading to learn more:

The Crafted Cocktail Stirrer
While this may take some arts and crafts experience and a trip to the art store, it will also create a fun project for you to do over an afternoon before a get together or a party. First, you will need pieces of wood or plastic as your actual stirrers. They must be long enough to reach the bottom of the glass and still stick out of the top of the drink by a good few inches so that stirring can actually be done. Ideally, nothing should be added to the portion of the stirrer that will be immersed in the drink itself, as this could come off in the drink. But above the drink line, if you will, there’s nothing but creative freedom. Maybe attach rubber pencil holders to the end of each wooden stirrer, or small different colored puff balls of yarn for a fun addition to each drink. The creative crafting is only limited by imagination here.

Edible Cocktail Stirrers

Being able to eat your cocktail stirrer is a whole new level of drinking, if that makes sense. This has been done with specific drinks before and is always fun, as long as it adds to the flavor of the drink itself. For bloody mary’s, for example, consider using celery as your cocktail stirrer. For a sweeter drink, like a white Russian, consider using a stick of hard chocolate as the stirrer, though this might ultimately dissolve if left in for too long. A toothpick of olives works well as a stirrer for a martini, as does a strip of carrot, which will make a delicious bite or two after the drink is finished. This might take some experimentation to totally get right, but it’s very memorable when you do.

Found Cocktail Stirrers

There are items at your disposal that will work well as cocktail stirrers. Small plastic or wooden gardening dowels actually make excellent cocktail stirrers—just let your guests know they are totally sanitary. Long dull nails could also work, though they should be stainless steel and clearly cleaned to assuage any fears of unsanitary stirring conditions. These are more extreme ways to come up with your own cocktail stirrers, but if used with the right drink and the right crowd can be really cool.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Tips To Stay Lucky In Your New Place

(Image courtesy of Andrew Mager)

Unless a black cat has crossed your path recently you should have no cause for alarm now that you’ve moved in and gotten comfortable at La Cantera. Besides, bad luck can’t be real, can it?

Just in case you want to stay on the safe side, follow these simple tips courtesy of and you’ll be walking with lady luck in no time!

1. The number of steps in a staircase should never be a multiple of three.Even numbers are best, but multiples of three are bad luck.

2. Never accept knives, scissors, or other sharp items as presents. It symbolizes a cutting of your friendship – in other words, your friend will soon become an enemy, according to Italian folklore. If you must accept it, pay the giver a penny, which will reverse the curse.

3. The first time you leave your home, exit through the same door you entered. According to this old Irish tradition, after you’ve entered and exited once, you can leave through any door you like. But the first time, the entrance and exit have to be the same door, otherwise you’ll have bad luck.

4. Carry a full container of uncooked rice with you the first time you enter your new home. Just as throwing rice at a wedding symbolizes a wish for prosperity for the newly married couple, rice in a new home symbolizes the idea that no one under this roof will go hungry, according to a pagan superstition. Similar superstitions state that carrying a loaf of bread with you will accomplish the same goal.

5. Spread a pinch of salt on the floor of every room, including over the threshold of the front door. Some say salt wards off evil; others say it brings out the flavor in life.

6. Never move on a rainy day – it’s bad luck. Other superstitions say that Fridays and Saturdays are also unlucky days for moving.

7. Scatter coins in the living room on the first day in your new home so prosperity will reign.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Flawless Color Palettes For Your New Place

(Image courtesy of Katie Wardrobe)

Now that you’ve moved into your new place, there’s one thing left to do - decorate! Unless you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to do with your new apartment style-wise, it can be a little daunting to attack each room in your house at once. Even worse, how do you pick what colors to use?

Never fear. These color combinations courtesy of will help you have your apartment looking great in no time! Keep reading to discover 5 home run color combos for your new apartment.

Black & White: Make a statement with these two contrasting colors. In the living room, go for a black couch and coffee table with black & white patterned throw pillows and area rug. White furniture is also an option, but only if you trust yourself and your guests to keep it clean! Add a splash of color with a red accent chair or colorful piece of artwork.

Brown & Beige: This more muted color combo works great in a bathroom or office. Create a relaxing environment with these earth tones, which can be heightened with splashes of green or navy blue. Best of all, a brown rug never shows the dirt.

Shades of Blue: Using different shades of the same color is a sure bet. Navy and light blue are two popular options, especially for bathrooms and bedrooms. Try a dark blue comforter with light blue sheets and striped accent pillows. Use the same color palate for the curtains, rug, lampshades and artwork. Dark wood or white furniture both work well with this combo.

Red & Yellow: If you want to go bold, do it in the kitchen. Bright colors work great in this room that often doubles as a social gathering place. A French country kitchen or chicken theme naturally ties into these two colors, and both themes are easily found on kitchen towels, pot holders, and plates and bowls.

Pink & Purple: Not just for 5-year-old girls, pink and purple can be perfect for an adult woman’s studio apartment or bedroom. Just be careful not to go overboard – this color scheme works better on pillows and other accent pieces anchored by a more subdued color, like black. Don’t be afraid of pink!
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