Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The San Antonio Riverwalk: What to Know

It might seem a little touristy but the San Antonio is one of our city’s biggest draws for outsiders. The long winding walkway that stretches 2.5 miles down the San Antonio River, has been slowly growing and expanding to become the beautiful attraction it is today. One architect envisioned a future for the riverwalk similar to that of Venice, with apartments, dining and shopping areas all within reach of the river. Eventually his vision was realized!

If you’re interested in taking it all in, you can jump on a double decker bus tour and learn from the experts all about our lovely riverwalk and what secrets are hidden there. Hop on and off the buses to explore the shops and restaurants then hop right back on to move on to the next destination. Buy your passes for the double decker bus tours here.

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The Alamo Plaza, which is located right on the Riverwalk is full of shops and restaurants for you to explore while strolling down the river. Brass Bear Deli prepares salads and sandwiches with only the freshest ingredients. Even if you don’t see what you want on the menu, chances are they’ll make it for you! After your sandwich, make sure to run over to Loard’s Ice Cream for dessert in a 50’s style creamery. The Alamo Plaza restaurants are perfect for a night out.

If you’re looking for a little challenge, check out the 4D Mirror Maze and the Vault Laser Challenge. See if you can navigate your way out of the winding maze of mirrors! This one is fun for the whole family so it makes for a great evening out with the kids. Then twist and contort your body to make your way through the Laser Vault. Don’t touch the lasers but do it quickly! For more information on both of these attractions head here.

It might be the most popular tourist attraction in San Antonio but it’s popular for a reason. The San Antonio Riverwalk has so much fun and shopping and food for everyone. Stroll down the river and enjoy the scenery, shop the stores until you drop or take a fun cruise down the river in one of the ferries. Whatever you do at the Riverwalk, we’re positive you’ll enjoy it. The Riverwalk is only a 30 minute drive away from us at the Residences at La Cantera so it makes a wonderful little day trip, and you won’t even need to spring for a hotel afterwards!

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