Monday, October 12, 2015

San Antonio Spooky Haunts This Month

October means Halloween is coming up soon and that’s the signal for all the ghosts and ghouls to come out to play. If you’re brave enough to enter these haunted locations, you have to be lucky enough to make it back out in one piece! Brace yourselves, these attractions are not for the faint of heart.

Psycho Asylum & Slaughter House

What used to be River City Asylum is now Psycho Asylum, once home to the clinically insane, it now houses one of the scariest haunted attractions in San Antonio. The rumors say that 3 patients once tried to escape and died roaming the halls of the asylum. Now their spirits are still there, waiting. Wander through the Psycho Asylum, if you don’t believe the stories. Also attached to the Psycho Asylum is the Slaughter House. Wander the abandoned ice-packing plant and navigate the fog filled rooms and strobe lit halls. Are your eyes deceiving you? You’ll have to decide for yourself. The Psycho Asylum and Slaughter House are only 20 minutes away from the Residences at La Cantera on E Houston Street.
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The 13th Floor

Just like the last haunted house, the 13th Floor haunted house is two haunted attractions in one location. New for 2015, the Burial Ground, once a basement and sleeping quarters for the kitchen staff, is now home to the failed ‘experiments’ from the secret society upstairs. If you’re lucky enough to make it all the way through the Burial Ground, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Void. In Into the Void, light gives way to darkness and you’ll feel monsters and spirits around you at every turn. Then, take a ride down the Grinder, a three story slide! All of these attractions in one location? You can’t beat that! 13th Floor is only 20 minutes away on East Commerce Street.

The Terror Mansion

Take a walk through a real paranormal location. The Terror Mansion, built in the 1940’s, has some unseen residents lurking about. Doors have been known to unlock and open on their own, lights turn on and off by themselves and footsteps have been heard on the rooftops. If you’re brave enough to enter the mansion, you might see these things for yourself and more. From March to August, you can tour the mansion but during September and October work your way through 23 terror filled rooms and see if you make it out. Terror Mansion is located only 17 minutes away on West Laurel, if you’re brave enough to seek it out!


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