Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earth Day in San Antonio

46 years after its inception, Earth Day is still leading by example each and every year, moving towards a cleaner and healthier planet. While conservation efforts shouldn’t be confined to a single day out of the year, Earth Day is the main force behind the conservation movement. We have to do what we can to preserve the planet we live on for the generations that will come after us! But how can we do it?
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Around 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year to create the bags, bottles, and packages that we use every day. Not much of this plastic is being recycled or reused so it sits in landfills. By reducing the amount of plastic we’re using, we can make a huge difference. Invest in one good water bottle that you can refill when you’re thirsty and a couple of canvas bags that you can use for all of your shopping needs.

The next time you head to Starbucks in The Shops at La Cantera, bring your own cup or purchase your own reusable cup there. You receive a .10 cent discount by using your own cup for your beverage. Save some money while you’re saving the environment.

Even though snail mail has become a somewhat outdated form of mail, you can still find yourself inundated with tons of things in the mail each day. Most of it, you probably didn’t even sign up for! Around 28 billion gallons of water are wasted producing and recycling our junk mail. Cutting down on the junk mail cuts down on the waste. But what can you do about it? Signing up for one of these three services can have your name removed from widely distributed consumer mailing lists. Reducing the amount of junk mail you receive might seem insignificant but it can make a huge difference.

If you’re a resident at the Residences at La Cantera, you’re already doing a great thing for the planet. Did you know about our green initiative? We already have in place a plan to protect and conserve the existing trees around us as well as an erosion control plan. We want to take care of our planet and the best place to start is at home!

Do you do your part to protect the planet? Share with us your conservation tips on Facebook and Twitter so we can share them with others!


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