Monday, January 18, 2016

San Antonio Winters: The Pros and Cons

While most of the rest of the country suffers through single digit weather and feet of snow, San Antonio is sitting pretty with 60 degree averages. We’re pretty lucky to have such fabulous weather here. It allows us to do things that others might not get to do during the winter months.

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Pro: We can go to Six Flags Fiesta basically anytime we want.

Most parks in the country shut down come October and don’t open back up until late springtime. Six Flags Fiesta might be closed right now but it’ll open back up in about a month on February 27th. You can get your fill of the Batman coaster, the Boomerang and the Crow’s Nest all year round. You can find out more about ticketing information and the rides here on their website.

Con: We don’t get to have snowball fights.

We’re not that sad about this one. Who wants a face full of snow when you can have thrill rides all year round? We’ll settle for a snow cone at one of the concession stands at Six Flags instead. 

Pro: You can eat outside basically anytime you want.

The next time you’re strolling down the San Antonio River Walk and you stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat, you can take it outside. Sitting riverside while you munch on your delicious dish from the Esquire Tavern or Bourdro’s on the Riverwalk. Eat your chalupitas from Esquire then head on over to Boudro’s for a glass of wine from their massive selection. Enjoy outdoor dining while everyone else in the United States sits indoors and watches the snow pour down.

Con: Your air conditioner works overtime.

It might be comfortable during the winter time to live in San Antonio but during the summer months, the weather can be absolutely unbearable. You’re sticky and sweaty by the time you get to work every morning. So you have to work your air conditioner to get back to a comfortable body temperature to even think about getting any work done. It can be a little bit of a drag.

There are ups and downs to having such mild, warm winters every year. But we like to think that the pros outweigh the cons!

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