Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Comes to San Antonio

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Now that fall is just around the corner (September 23rd) it’s time to get in the mood for fun fall activities! There are your typical fall favorites like apple picking, pumpkin carving, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and hay rides! All of these fall fun activities and one not so fall will get you ready for the season ahead.

Soak up our last weeks of beautiful summer weather with a rainforest adventure! Explore the Rainforest Adventure Maze at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. This maze exhibit will take visitors on an exciting tour through the lush rainforests. From the canopy down to the forest floor you can learn exciting new lessons about the ecosystems and ecology of the forests. Make sure you get there while you still can! The exhibit is only around until September 20th and then it’s flying the coop. The Botanical Gardens are only a 20 minute drive away from us at the Residences at La Cantera.

Sticking with the current theme of mazes, the next fall activity on our list is a maze of maize! The South Texas Maize in Hondo is fun for the whole family. Get lost among the 7 acres of corn mazes and try to navigate your way back out. Once you escape the maze, head over to the pumpkin patch to find yourself the biggest, orangest pumpkin in the bunch. Get tangled up and climb the spider web or slide down the Mattercorn Mountain Slide. Make sure to stop and refuel with some delicious food after all that work though! The South Texas Maize is open on weekends starting September 19th until November 15th. Open 5-9 Fridays, 10-9 Saturdays and 12-5 Sundays. The South Texas Maize is located an hour’s country drive away from San Antonio to the west. Buy your tickets online here!

Also in the Botanical Gardens this month, you can take a stroll through the Scarecrow Trail Exhibit. Decorated by community groups and individuals, the creative scarecrows will be taking up residence in the gardens from September 21st until November 15th. The exhibit is $10 for adults and $7 for children. Don’t be spooked by these goofy scarecrows!

The end of this month is going to be filled with exciting things to do but don’t miss out on them because they’re only here for a limited amount of time! All of these fun fall activities are perfect for the season and it will put you in the mood for autumn. Happy fall!


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