Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Best Burgers of San Antonio

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This Thursday, the 27th is Burger Day! San Antonio has no shortage of amazing burger places to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a burger so big you’ll need two hands, the juiciest burger around or the Best Burger in America, you can find it in San Antonio.

Considered the “mecca for burger lovers”, Chris Madrid’s, originally opened as Chris Madrid’s Tacos and Burgers, quickly had burgers become the favorite menu item. With a hamburger as your main course you have 6 different varieties to choose from and two sizes as well. Along with your burger you have the option of fresh cut fries, chalupas, nachos, and a 6 oz. grilled chicken sandwich if the burger isn’t what you’re feeling that day. Located in an old gas station only 15 minutes away from the Residences, Chris Madrid’s has the burgers you’re looking for.

The Whataburger logo is unmistakeable and the burgers are definitely worth the hype. Recently named the Best Burger in America by Fast Company, Whataburger has been cooking up their delicious burgers for 60 years! It started with a simple idea: to create a burger so big you’d need two hands to hold it and with the first bite the customer would exclaim, “What a burger!” They’ve certainly accomplished that goal! With 9 different kinds of burgers to choose from and multiple other (non-burger) items on the menu, Whataburger is definitely living up to their title as Best Burger in America. The nearest Whataburger location is only a 5 minute drive from the Residences at La Cantera and there are many more in the area. To find other Whataburgers check here.

Just like Chris Madrid’s, Longhorn Cafe started off with an inclination towards tacos. It was later purchased and remade into a burger joint. The kids can enjoy their kid-friendly menu as well as arcades, a sand pit and play-scapes while the adults enjoy their Big Juicy Burgers and beers. Not only do they serve burgers, there is chicken, sandwiches, chili and hot dogs, salads and so many appetizers to choose from. (We recommend the jalapeno poppers!) Longhorn Cafe is only a 9 minute drive from us at La Cantera so you can have your Big Juicy whenever you want!

Even though Whataburger was voted the best burger in the United States, we’ll leave you to be the judge! It’s hard to compete with the burgers on this list and that’s only a small sampling of the deliciousness you’ll find if you go looking for it.

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