Monday, May 25, 2015

Road Trips: How to Deal with Snags Along the Way

Summer is one of the most popular times for travel. Everyone is loading up the cars, strapping in their kids and setting off for weekend getaways. 657 million long distance summer trips were taken during the time between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend in 2001. No doubt that number has increased in recent years. Whether it be on the road or by air, there will be a lot of people on the move this weekend for Memorial Day. With the increase in traffic for the holidays, you need to be more careful on the roads.

1. Stay Connected

Be aware of what’s going on around you. Listen to local radio stations to keep track of any traffic jams occurring in the area. Apps like Waze let travellers work together to find the best routes to avoid traffic and save gas and time. SitorSquat will find you the nearest bathrooms along with other users’ reviews on the cleanliness of each one. That’s an amazing resource for long trips and weak bladders. When it’s time for a fillup you’ll want to find the cheapest gas station. Use GasBuddy to help find the most affordable gas stations in the area.

2. Avoid Hunger Pangs

Long car rides or airplane rides can be incredibly unpleasant if your stomach is rumbling the whole time. Airline food and food found in the airport shops can be pretty hard on your wallet. To avoid breaking the bank, pack your own snacks. Best Health Magazine compiled a list of the best snacks to bring on long trips. However, if you’re stuck in the airport without snacks and you’re feeling hungry, the Travel Channel can tell you the best airport restaurants to look for and what to get while you’re there.

3. Pack Earplugs/Headphones

Does the driver’s choice of music grate on your eardrums? Is that baby 2 rows back ever going to stop crying? Earplugs and headphones are the perfect way to tune out distractions on long trips. Blocking out the noise is the best way to ensure you have a peaceful and restful nap in the backseat or on the plane. Consider an eyemask too!

4. Be Prepared

Batteries die. Tires can pop. Detours can get you lost. Make sure you’re prepared for all of these things. Keep a phone charger in your car to make sure your phone battery is full in case of an emergency. Pack jump cables in the trunk in case of a car battery dying. Also, make sure to have a flashlight in case you break down at night in a poorly lit area. Tools to change a tire and a spare tire are imperative! If you’re not sure of your route, bring along a GPS or use a map application for your smartphone. Getting lost on the way is a time waster and can be dangerous if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Preparation is the most important step of a road trip.

5. Just Breathe

The guy that just cut you off, the 2 hour traffic detour, the cancelled flight, the lost luggage: those are all minor snags. Staying calm is the only way to handle them. Freaking out on the woman at the desk or your family won’t bring the plane any faster or fix your flat tire. The best part of these mishaps is that they’ll make the best stories when you get back from your trip.

Happy travelling! What’s your worst travelling experience?


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