Friday, April 4, 2014

Flawless Color Palettes For Your New Place

(Image courtesy of Katie Wardrobe)

Now that you’ve moved into your new place, there’s one thing left to do - decorate! Unless you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to do with your new apartment style-wise, it can be a little daunting to attack each room in your house at once. Even worse, how do you pick what colors to use?

Never fear. These color combinations courtesy of will help you have your apartment looking great in no time! Keep reading to discover 5 home run color combos for your new apartment.

Black & White: Make a statement with these two contrasting colors. In the living room, go for a black couch and coffee table with black & white patterned throw pillows and area rug. White furniture is also an option, but only if you trust yourself and your guests to keep it clean! Add a splash of color with a red accent chair or colorful piece of artwork.

Brown & Beige: This more muted color combo works great in a bathroom or office. Create a relaxing environment with these earth tones, which can be heightened with splashes of green or navy blue. Best of all, a brown rug never shows the dirt.

Shades of Blue: Using different shades of the same color is a sure bet. Navy and light blue are two popular options, especially for bathrooms and bedrooms. Try a dark blue comforter with light blue sheets and striped accent pillows. Use the same color palate for the curtains, rug, lampshades and artwork. Dark wood or white furniture both work well with this combo.

Red & Yellow: If you want to go bold, do it in the kitchen. Bright colors work great in this room that often doubles as a social gathering place. A French country kitchen or chicken theme naturally ties into these two colors, and both themes are easily found on kitchen towels, pot holders, and plates and bowls.

Pink & Purple: Not just for 5-year-old girls, pink and purple can be perfect for an adult woman’s studio apartment or bedroom. Just be careful not to go overboard – this color scheme works better on pillows and other accent pieces anchored by a more subdued color, like black. Don’t be afraid of pink!


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